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논문 상세정보

The Interference Measurement Analysis between 3.412 GHz Band Broadcasting System and UWB Wireless Communication System


Ultra wideband(UWB) technologies have been developed to exploit a new spectrum resource in substances and to realize ultra-high-speed communication, high precision geo-location, and other applications. The energy of UWB signal is extremely spread from near DC to a few GHz. This means that the interference between conventional narrowband systems and UWB systems is inevitable. However, the interference effects had not previously been studied from UWB wireless systems to conventional wireless systems sharing the frequency bands such as Broadcasting system. This paper experimentally evaluates the interference from two kinds of UWB sources, namely a orthogonal frequency division Multiplex UWB source and an impulse radio UWB source, to a Broadcasting transmission system. The receive power degradations of broadcasting system are presented. From these experimental results, we show that in all practical cases UWB system can coexist 35 m distance in-band broadcasting network.

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