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논문 상세정보

신문용지의 인쇄적성 예수에 관한 연구 (제1보) - 최대전이점에서 인쇄 색농도 및 뒤비침

A Study of the Printability Coefficients on the Newspaper (I) - A Study on the printed density and print through in the maximum transfer point -


Newsprint is quantitatively the most important printing paper. The demands for its printability are continuously increasing. It is well known that the relationship between the physically tested paper properties and newspaper printability is unsatisfactory. In order to improve the printing quality of Korean newsprint, the printability coefficients such as maximum ink requirement(Ymax), print through were investigated. Kinds of newspapers and black printing ink were tested by IGT printability tester. Experiment condition of IGT printability tester was 14 steps between $0.2{\sim}2.8g/m^2$ of ink requirement, printing pressure was 200 N and printing velocity was 1 m/sec. The properties of newspaper samples (basis weight, bulk density, roughness, smoothness, porosity, i. e.) were examined in accordance with KS and TAPPI standard testing methods. The result of this study are respected for usefulness printing quality management of Korean newsprint.

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