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나노 가이드 시스템에서 초기 변위의 영향에 관한 연구

Effect of an Initial Displacement on a Nano-guiding System


This study shows that the system performance of a positioning system composed of a piezoelectric actuator-driven flexure guide depends largely on the preload applied on the flexure guide and the driving input amplitude. We used a flexure guided system that had an original resonant frequency of 54 Hz. Our experiment showed that we could increase the driving bandwidth above the original resonant frequency, for a case involving a large preload and a small input amplitude. Results show that there is a specific 'separation frequency' where the response of the moving mass of the flexure system decouples from the response of the piezoelectric actuator, and this specific separation frequency can be selected by a proper choice of the preload and the input amplitude. To find the separation frequency, sine sweep tests were performed. To confirm the increased system bandwidth frequency, open-loop sine tracking experiments were performed. Test results show that the system responds very well up to 130 Hz frequency higher than the original natural frequency (54 Hz).

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