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논문 상세정보

점탄성 제진 요소의 복소동강성계수 산출을 위한 상용유한요소 코드 이용시 복소탄성계수의 정하중 의존성 반영 방법

Consideration of Static-strain-dependent Dynamic Complex Modulus in Dynamic Stiffness Calculation of Viscoelastic Mount/Bushing by Commercial Finite Element Codes


Little attention has been paid to static-strain-dependence of dynamic complex modulus of viscolelastic materials in computational analysisso far. Current commercial Finite Element Method (FEM) codes do not take such characteristics into consideration in constitutive equations of viscoelastic materials. Recent experimental observations that static-strain-dependence of dynamic complex modulus of viscolelastic materials, especially filled rubbers, are significant, however, require that solutions somehow are necessary. In this study, a simple technique of using a commercial FEM code, ABAQUS, is introduced, which seems to be far more cost/time saving than development of a new software with such capabilities. A static-strain-dependent correction factor is used to reflect the influence of static-strains in Merman model, which is currently the base of the ABAQUS. The proposed technique is applied to viscoelastic components of rather complicated shape to predict the dynamic stiffness under static-strain and the predictions are compared with experimental results.

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