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논문 상세정보


Recently, utility network is becoming more and more complicated and huge due to IT and OA devices. In addition to, demands of power conversion devices which have non-linear switching devices are getting more and more increased. Consequently, because of the non-linear power semiconductor devices, current harmonics are unavoidable. Sometimes those current harmonics flow back to utility network and become one of the main reasons which can make the voltage distortion. Also, it makes noise and heat loss. On the other hands, voltage sag from sudden increasing loads is also one of the terrible problems inside of utility network. In order to compensate the current harmonics and voltage sag problem, AF(active filter) systems could be a good solution method. SMES is a very good promising source due to it's high response time of charge and discharge. Therefore, the combined AF and SMES system can be a wonderful device to compensate both harmonics current and voltage sag. However, SMES needs a superconducting magnetic coil. Because of using this superconducting magnetic coil, quench problem caused by unexpected reasons have always been unavoidable. Therefore, to solve out mentioned above, this paper presents a decisive method using shunt and series active filter system combined with SMES. Especially, authors analyzed the change of original energy capacity of SMES regarding to the size of resistance caused by quench of superconducting magnetic coil.

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