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Effects of Outer Tube Length on Pool Boiling in an Annulus with Closed Bottoms


To improve pool boiling heat transfer in an vertical annulus with closed bottoms, the length of an outer tube has been changed from 0.2m to 0.6m. For the test, a heated tube of 19.1mm diameter and water at atmospheric pressure have been used. Annular conditions are made using glass tubes fabricated around the heated tube. The gap size of the annulus is 3.65mm. To elucidate effects of the outer tube length on heat transfer results of the annulus are compared with the data of a single unrestricted tube and the annulus with wider gap size of 6.35mm. Throughout the tests much higher heat transfer coefficients are observed for the annulus of 3.65mm gap size comparing to the other two cases. The change in the outer tube length results in much variation in heat transfer coefficients. Moreover, with shortening the length of outer tube the possibility of the CHF occurrence can be removed.

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