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중소기업의 e-비즈니스가 수익성에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

A Study on the Impact of the E-Business of SMEs on Profitability


E-business has received much attention from entrepreneurs, executives, investors, and industry observers recently. The Internet is flourishing and the World Wide Web is growing at an exponential rate. In recent years, information has become the critical commodity needed for success in the changing global economic order. Accordingly, business organizations have come to the conclusion that they require an extensive data repository in order to acquire a competitive advantage in a dynamically change market. This rich assortment of data must further be delivered and deliverable enterprise-wide in a secure and cost-efficient manner. Information technology(IT) has created the E-business as a vitally important mechanism for the storage, dissemination, and even the analysis data. The E-business has become increasingly important to a growing number of organizations in Korea in relatively short order. The present study is an attempt to develop a more through understanding of the potential and actual impact of the B-business on organizational functions and activities. Expecially, it also consists of an effort to assess the impact of the E-business on profitability. The research also addresses the issue of how the E-business affects profitability and shapes or modifies business activities. The results of literature review and study revealed that middle managers believe that the extent of the I-business use is significantly related to improvements in overall organizational functions and activities. While communication, decision-making, productivity, work collaboration, and business activities are all enhanced by E-business use, profitability appears to be most dramatically improved by Intranet use.

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