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논문 상세정보

GMO 안전성평가제도의 고찰

Need for Reinforcement of Safety Assessment on Genetically Modified Organisms


Biotechnology has reached the level of giving birth to new forms of life and with this is a growing controversy in the conflict between science and ethics. Especially, GMOs are closely linked to the food products we consume and thus, the majority of the public shows a very sensitive reaction to the safety of GMO food products. Many perspectives arose surrounding the issues of safety on the human body and the ecology. This outlines diverse structural mechanisms to be set up to ensure safety such as risk assessment, risk management etc. Despite the precautionary principle guaranteed in many ways, the problem arises whether and how this principle can be taken in the safety assessment. GMOs due to its uniqueness do not end with just the possession of the technology involved but must also be considered with the prerequisite that they could be cultured again. Therefore the reinforcement of safety assessment system is necessary. That is, the reinforcement of risk assessment including field tests, the consideration of socio-economic effects, the coordinated system of relevant authorities, the development of technology for safety assessment.

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