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논문 상세정보


In this paper, the nonlinear damping force model is made to identify the properties of the ER damper using higher order spectrum. The higher order spectral analysis is used to investigate the nonlinear frequency coupling phenomena with the damping force signal according to the sinusoidal excitation of the damper. Also, this paper presents an inverse model of the ER damper, i.e., the model can predict the required voltage so that the ER damper can produce the desired force for the requirement of vibration control of vehicle suspension systems. The inverse model has been constructed by using piecewise linear damping force model. In this paper, the fuzzy logic control based on heuristic knowledge is combined with the skyhook control. And it is simulated for a quarter car model. The acceleration of the sprung mass is included in the premise part of the fuzzy rules to reduce the vertical acceleration RMS value of the sprung mass. Then scaling factors and membership functions are tuned using genetic algorithm to obtain optimal performance.

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