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논문 상세정보

고압전동기 고정자 권선의 PRPD 부분방전 결함신호 해석

Analysis on Partial Discharge Fault Signals of PRPD for High Voltage Motor Stator Winding


We simulated insulation defects of stator winding wire on high voltage generator by 5 types. 4 types have one discharge source and other one has multi discharge source by simulation. For accurate decision, measurements used to PRPD pattern to occurred partial discharge source of various types. In this research, when PRPD pattern carried out or analyzed pattern recognition of discharge source, it used to powerful tools. In this result, PRPD Pattern defined to have single discharge source of 4 types by insulation defect. When insulation defect simulated, all the defected winding have not the same result. Errors for a little different can make mistakes from a subtle distinction. The difference between internal and void discharge have magnitude of pulse amplitude of inner discharge bigger than void discharge and have a shape of bisymmetry. But void discharge has a shape of bisymmetry against maximum value on polarity respectively. In cases of slot and surface discharge, we confirmed to show similar results those other researchers. In case of multi-discharge, as a result of we could classify not perfect match with occurred patterns in single discharge eachother. In the future, we will have to recognize and classify with results of multi-discharge.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (3)

  1. Park, Jae-Jun ; Kim, Hee-Dong 2007. "Classification of Insulation Fault Signals for High Voltage Motors Stator Winding using Image Signal Process Technique" 전기전자재료학회논문지 = Journal of the Korean institute of electronic material engineers, 20(1): 65~73 
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  3. Oh, Bong-Keun ; Kim, Hyun-Il ; Kang, Seong-Hwa ; Lim, Kee-Joe 2007. "Analysis and lest of On-line and off-line PD Testing for High Voltage Rotating Machines Stator Windings using Ceramic Coupler" 전기전자재료학회논문지 = Journal of the Korean institute of electronic material engineers, 20(10): 895~900 


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