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논문 상세정보

Detent Force Reduction of a Tubular Linear Generator Using an Axial Stepped Permanent Magnet Structure

Journal of power electronics : JPE v.6 no.4 , 2006년, pp.290 - 297  

Various methods have been discussed to reduce detent force in a tubular permanent magnet type linear single phase AC generator. In particular, the proposed methods depend on variations of the permanent magnet construction. These methods include two approaches in the form of sloped magnets, and conical magnets in addition to the conventional method of optimizing the magnet length. The undesired detent force ripples were calculated by a two dimensional Finite Element Method (FEM). Moreover, the generated electromotive force in the stator coils was calculated for each configuration of the permanent magnet. The experimental results agreed well with those obtained from the FEM-based simulations. Sufficient reduction in the detent force was achieved over the range of 40% while the root mean square of the output voltage was maintained. It was found that sloping the permanent magnet decreased the detent force and at the same time increased the generated rms voltage of the AC generator. The performance of the designed linear AC generator was evaluated in terms of its efficiency, total weight, losses, and power to weight ratio.

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