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논문 상세정보

국산자동차의 보행자 보호를 위한 머리모형 충격시험

Headform Impact Test for Pedestrian Safety using Domestic Vehicles


Since hundreds thousands of pedestrians are killed or injured in car accidents every year, a variety of research efforts have been performed to protect pedestrians in pedestrian-vehicle crashes. The IHRA reports that injuries on the child head, the adult head, and the adult lower leg/knee are the most critical in the crashes. Identifying the current status of international activities on pedestrian protection, this study, in particular, carries out headform impact test using selected domestic vehicles categorized by three groups - Sedan, SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), and 1 Box (One Box) Vehicle. According to the valuable findings from the test results, this paper proposes a methodology under which the Korean Technical Regulation for protecting pedestrians in pedestrian-vehicle crashes will be developed.

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