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Clinical Application of Maggots in Chronic Difficult Wounds


Purpose: Since ancient times, larval therapy has been applied to help wound healing. Its use has recently been rediscovered, and the interest in this therapy has been increased in clinical practice, as well as in research. The objective of this study is to assess the efficacy of maggot therapy for the treatment of intractable, chronic wounds. Methods: Twenty patients, suffering mostly from chronic wounds were treated using maggots of greenfly (Phaenicia sericata). Sterile maggots were administered to the wound twice a week. The causes of the development of wounds were diabetic foot(14), trauma(3), plate exposure(1), and unknown origin(2). Results: Complete debridement was achieved in 10 wounds; in 8 wounds, the debridement was partially achieved; 2 patients escaped. Four patients were healed without any additional surgical procedures but fourteen patients were treated with skin graft. Pain, reported by six patients, was relatively well controlled with oral analgesics. Conclusion: We found larval therapy to be effective for chronic wounds. Maggot therapy is a relatively rapid and effective treatment, particularly in necrotic wounds or the wounds resistant to conventional treatment.

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