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논문 상세정보


Aluminum sheet ingots go through the hot rolling process to be converted into coils with a gauge suitable for the cold rolling process or plates. The top spindle, end coupling and slipper metal are main components of the hot roll process and used for transmission of rotational power with heavy-duty load. The top spindle connected to the motor and end coupling connected to the roller are combined with the slipper metal which acts as a bearing and joint. The contact surface between end coupling and slipper metal is subjected to stress concentration, and life cycles of slipper metal is reduced. This study aims to minimize the mechanical problems which might happen in the production process. The load condition for hot rolling processes is derived under load condition that is conducted for a hot rolling process under slipper metal combination types and operation situations. A structural analysis is performed by applying mechanical characteristics, combination type, and rotational boundary condition of top spindle, end coupling and slipper metal. Optimal design is performed for contact surface between end coupling and slipper metal. Interference analysis is studied to reduce the stress concentrations. Kinematics simulation is performed by applying the various combination type and dynamic boundary condition of the mill spindle assembly. The interference does not occur on the top spindle and slipper metal, so actual driving of the hot mill spindle assembly can operate in the normal operation condition.

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