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논문 상세정보

AIN-hBN계 머시너블 세라믹스의 기계적 특성 및 엔드밀링 가공성 평가

Mechanical Properties and End-milling Characteristic of AIN-hBN Based Machinable Ceramics


In this study, machining characteristics of AIN-hBN composites were evaluated in end-milling process. As a first step, AIN-hBN composite specimens with various hBN contents were prepared using hot press method. Material properties of the composites, such as relative density, Young's modulus and fracture toughness, were measured and compared. Then, a series of end-milling experinients were performed under various cutting conditions by changing cutting speed, depth-of-cut and feed rate. Cutting force variations were measured using a tool dynamometer during the cutting experiments. Machined surfaces of the specimens were observed using SEM and a surface pro filer to investigate the surface integrity changes. The cutting force decreased with an increases of hBN content. The cutting process was almost impossible for monolithic AIN, owing to severe chipping. In contrast, at high content of hBN, surface damage and chipping decreased, and better surface roughness can be obtained.

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