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논문 상세정보

개에서 $Osteoset^{(R)}$의 요골 결손부 충진에 대한 색도플러초음파검사의 유용성 평가

Color Doppler Ultrasonographic Evaluation in Observing the Affects of $Osteoset^{(R)}$ on Radial Defects in Beagle Dogs


This study is conducted to compare ultrasonographs with plain radiographs in monitoring bone regeneration during reconstruction of critical sized radial defects in dogs. A 15 mm bony defect was taken on each of the eight dog's radius using an electrical saw and an external fixator was applied. The experimental groups were divided into non-treated group(group 1) and $Osteoset^{(R)}$-treated group(group 2). Each fracture site was evaluated using plain radiography and ultrasonography. Radiographic callus formation occurred after $11.50{\pm}1.12$ days in group 1 and $11.50{\pm}0.5$ days in group 2. Neovascularized flow signal could be seen $6.50{\pm}1.5$ days and the vascular signal disappeared after $45.00{\pm}6.16$ days after operation in group 1. Neovascularized flow signal was observed $6.75{\pm}1.78$ days and vascular signal disappeared $23.25{\pm}3.03$ days after surgery which was caused by acoustic shadowing in group 2. Early stages of regeneration were observed more clearly with color Doppler ultrasonography than with plain radiography. Also from the results it is concluded that color Doppler ultrasonography are useful in observing initial stages of bone repair.

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