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김종성과 승효상 작품의 허공에서 표현되는 치유성에 관한 비교연구

A Comparative Study on the Sense of Healing expressed in the Void Space of Jong-soung Kimm and Hyo-sang Seung's works


The criterion of 'void space' in this paper is based on the sense of unusual experiences to afford the improvement of the value of cultural life with the sense of Healing. The more chances to spiritual converse with nature and oneself, the higher the value of healing experiences that one has will grow. This analysis has been done on the premises that this is derived from the inner conversation with 'nature' and 'oneself', as well as among 'others'. In other words, while the 'community void' affords programmatic aspect in relations between humans, the 'ecological void', systemic aspect in relations between human and nature, the 'meditation void', the aspect of image in relations between human and human's inside. Jong-soung Kimm and Hyo-sang Seung are Korean architects who have consistently expressed contrastive essential characteristics of the 'void space' in their contemporary works. While the void space of contemporary Korean architectures have shown various external forms, there has been a trace deeply rooted from the absolute and neutral concepts of the masters of Modern architects and 'Madang'of Korean traditional space. The integrated composition in the works of Jong-soung Kimm suggested integrated characters and healing affordances of 'Madang', but it hardly showed the poetic simplicity that could be seen from the image of traditional 'Madang'. On the other hand, the works of Hyo-sang Seung represented the simple and silent image of 'Madang', but showed fragmented characteristics that didn't sufficiently afford the integrated healing functions of 'Madang'.

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