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논문 상세정보


VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) are known as one of the harmful chemicals, causing cancer and global warming. Therefore, the proper control, removal, and reduction of the emission of VOCs are important tasks for the environmental protection. Among the method of VOCs removal activated carbon bed is the most efficient and economical method. In this study, the adsorption performance of toluene gas was investigated using various activated carbons. To find out the adsorption efficiency, the H/D (Height/Diameter) of the activated carbon and GHSV (Gas Hourly Space Velocity) of the toluene gas were manipulated with various conditions. The effect of the temperature, humidity and toluene-MEK-IPA mixed gas on adsorption were also investigated. As a result, a high adsorption performance was found when GHSV is lower at room temperature and low humidity. It was also found that the adsorption efficiency of toluene-MEK-IPA mixed gas system was lower than that of toluene gas system.

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