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논문 상세정보


The development of polymer/inorganic nanocomposites has attracted a great deal of interest due to the improved hybrid properties derived from the two different components. Various nanoscale fillers have been used to enhance polymer mechanical and thermal properties, such as toughness, stiffness, and heat resistance. The effects of the filler on the final properties of the nanocomposites are highly dependent on the filler shape, particle size, aggregate size, surface characteristics, polymer/inorganic interactions, and degree of dispersion. In this paper, we describe the influence of different $CaCO_3$ dispersion methods on the thermal properties of polyethylene terephthalate (PET)/$CaCO_3$ composites: i.e., the adsorption of $CaCO_3$ on the modified PET surface, and the hydrophobic modification of the hydrophilic $CaCO_3$ surface. We prepared PET/$CaCO_3$ nanocomposites using a twin-screw extruder, and investigated their thermal properties and morphology.

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