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논문 상세정보


To compare the quality of manufactured goods distributed in the domestic markets, 6 isolates of Dongchongxiacao products, namely, 4 Paecilomyces tenuipes specimens (J2P, 901A, 901B, and 901C), 1 Cordyceps militaris specimen (901D), and 1 Cordyceps sinensis specimen (CI-1), were analyzed for their physicochemical properties and sequence-structure relationships. P. tenuipes (J2P), a kind of Dongchongxiacao, was successfully inoculated on silkworms by percutaneous infection of Rural Development AdminstraionNam et al., 1999); fruiting bodies were then formed on the complete surface of the pupa. Since P. tenuipes (J2P) from silkworm larva was also proved to have remarkable pharmacological activities, it has been produced in bulk and has been successfully sold to buyers in the Korean market. Additionally, imitation products such as 901A, 901B, 901C, 901D, and CI-1 were sold simultaneously, resulting in deterioration of product quality. This research focuses on establishing quality standards to discriminate between the original and imitation products circulating in the market. The products obtained for the experiments included J2P, 901A, 901B, 901C, 901D, and CI-1; proximate analysis was performed for these products. The hosts and methods of conidia inoculation for proliferation of mycelia differed among the products. P. tenuipes (J2P) was proliferated in live silkworm larvae, and dead silkworm pupae were used to produce 901A, 901B, and 901C. On the other hand, 901D was produced on hulled rice medium. Quality analysis of C. sinensis revealed that CI-1, which was imported from China, smelled bad and proved to be a counterfeit with the fruiting body glued to the insect by twigs. The results of the proximate analysis of 901A, 901B, 901C, and 901D were similar to those of J2P with respect to the moisture content. Otherwise, J2P contained higher crude protein than 901A, 901B, 901C, and 901D, but contained very low fat. C. militaris (901D) and C. sinensis (CI-1) had low crude protein content-12.79% and 9.78% respectively-as compared to that of J2P, which was 62.38%. In contrast to the crude ash content of 6.4% in J2P, the crude ash content of CI-1 was 18.51% and this specimen was found to contain many impurities. phylogenetic analysis of P. tenuipes revealed that the sequence similarity of J2P, 901B, and 901C was in the range of 92.3~92.7%. Additionally, differences in the sequences were found at the positions 65 bp, 436 bp, 441 bp, 463 bp, etc.

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