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논문 상세정보

알바 알토 도서관 건축의 자연광 사용 특성에 관한 연구

A Study on the Characteristics of Using Natural Light in Alvar Aalto's Library


The purpose of this study is to analyze Alva Aalto's libraries for understanding his efficient induction of natural light. To fulfill this purpose, Alvar Aalto's thought about library and natural light are examined through his working years and building types. The comparison of his libraries on usage of natural light shows different ways of natural light induction based on different locations and programs of libraries. Similarities and differences of Alvar Aalto's library architecture have strong relationship to the usage of natural light in libraries because Alvar Aalto himself regard reading as the core function of library and the efficient use of natural light is the main key of reading. In his natural light planning, regional characteristics including environmental factors and programmatic differences act as a basic standard for natural light plan. Especially, altitude of sun and its path, seasonal features affect the induction way of natural light. While conical skylights used at Viipuri library shows the characteristics of universality in Modernism architecture, later libraries presents not only various kinds of pan-shape plan but different ways of inducing natural light in according to appropriate function. From conical skylight to monitor with curved reflection wall make it possible shed diffused light to reading space and this affects to form Alvar Aalto's organic architecture. As a result, using natural light in Alvar Aalto's library architecture act as the core of forming library concepts and their development.

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