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논문 상세정보

하우스 인삼재배에서 상토의 조성이 유기농 2년근 인삼의 생육 및 수량에 미치는 영향

Effects of various bed soil on the growth and yield of organically grown 2-year-old ginseng in the shaded plastic houses


This research was conducted to investigate the influence of organic bed soil substrates on growth and yield of organically grown ginseng transplantation in a shaded plastic houses. The pH and EC of the substrates used for this study were 5.93-6.78 and 0.03-0.15 dS/m, respectively. The concentrations of NH4-N and $NO_3$-N were 14.01-68.63 mg/L, 5.60-58.83 mg/L respectively. and the average quantum in the shaded plastic houses was 11-15% of natural light. The maximum temperature in the shaded plastic houses is higher ($3-7^{\circ}C$) than that of outside open field from the last part of April to early in August. Emergence date of ginseng was on March 21 in the mongolian type shaded plastic house, and was on March 29 in normal type shaded plastic house. Both roots and shoot growth of ginseng were excellent in the bed soils with PPV-2, compared with other compounds used. We concluded that the PPV-2 could be promising a good bed soil substrate for organic ginseng cultivation in shaded plastic house.

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