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사회주의 이념이 근대건축에 미친 영향에 관한 연구 - 브루노 타우트의 사례를 중심으로

The Influence of Socialistic Ideology on Modern Architecture - Case Study of Bruno Taut -


The formation of modern architecture during the Weimar Republic in Germany is seen through the works by Bruno Taut, one of the leading architects during that period. Through the extensive literature readings on Bruno Taut and critical analysis of Bruno Taut's ideologies, his works and the circumstances that he was in, the contention of this paper is that the root of modern architecture has less to do with functionalism and new technologies, but more to do with need to express new ideologies and expressions of their view of a new society. Although the socialistic idea did not account for sole reason for influencing their architecture, it did play a considerable part in deciding what architectural expressions are preferred. For this discourse this paper limits Bruno Taut's years from 1913 to 1932 prior to his exile from Germany; 1913 to 1923 being the years that constitute theoretical activities and 1923 to 1932 being the golden years for social housing when he participated on many public housing projects. It was during this period that his architecture put importance of practicality, and utilitarian; however the transition was not an abrupt departure from his expressionistic architecture but an inclusive act on his part.

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