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논문 상세정보


Disasters like mountain landslides and collapse in cutting areas claim many a life and cause economic losses, involving much effort and expenses for their recovery. This study has surveyed and analyzed incident of disasters that had occurred on the sloping sides in Korea for the past 13 years in an effort to relieve damage caused by disasters on the sloping sides. The analysis confirms that while the major cause of disasters on the sloping side was storms in the past, frequency of disasters on sloping sides caused by local downpour is steadily on the rise. In addition, while disasters were concentrated in Gangwon Province, a mountainous region of the country, frequency of disasters occurring on the sloping sides is steadily increasing recently on the sloping sides in downtown areas in Seoul, Gyeonggi-do and so forth, attributing a large percentage of disasters to sloping sides. Data surveyed and analyzed in this study are thought to be applicable as basic data for the establishment of effective measures for the prevention of disasters occurring on the sloping sides in the days to come.

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