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논문 상세정보


In this study, we have developed a real-time monitoring device for measuring $PM_{10/2.5/1}$ of ambient aerosol particles. The real-time PM (Particulate Matter) monitor was based on the light scattering method and had 16 channels in particle size. The laboratory and field tests were carried out to evaluate the performance of the PM monitor developed. Arizona Road Dust particles ranging from diameter of 0.1 to $20{\mu}m$ were generated as test particles in the laboratory test. The field test was carried out at the Seoul Meteorological Observatory. We can obtain the particle size and number concentration (particle size distribution) only from the real-time PM monitor developed. Therefore, the average density of aerosol particles was used to obtain the PM data from the particle size distribution. The $PM_{10/2.5/1}$ results of the PM monitor were compared with the data of the Grimm Dust Monitor (Model 1.108) and a beta ray gauge (Thermo Fisher Scientific). As a result, it was shown that the $PM_{10/2.5/1}$ results obtained by the real-time PM monitor agreed well with the data of the reference devices, and overall, the real-time PM monitor could be used as a PM monitoring device for real-time monitoring of the ambient particles.

참고문헌 (6)

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