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논문 상세정보

물 자원 생산을 위한 Coal Seam Gas Water Management Study의 평가 및 분석 2. 처리기술 예측 및 병합 시스템 설계

Assessment and Analysis of Coal Seam Gas Water Management Study for Water Resource Production 2. Prediction of Treatment Technology and Design of Co-treatment System


To develop various usable water from coal seam gas (CSG) water that needs to be pumped out from coal seams for methane gas production, a feasibility study was carried out, evaluating and analysing a recent report (Coal Seam Gas Water Management Policy 2012) from Queensland State Government in Australia to suggest potential CSG water treatment options for fit-for-purpose usable water production. As CSG water contains intrinsically high salinity-driven total dissolved solid (TDS), bicarbonate, aliphatic carbon, $Ca^{+2}$, $Mg^{+2}$ and so on, it was found that appropriate treatment technologies are required to reduce the hardness below 60 mg/L as $CaCO_3$ by setting the reduction rates of $Ca^{+2}$, $Mg^{+2}$ and Na+ concentrations, as well as TDS reduction. Also, Along with fiber filtration and membrane separation, an oxidation degradation process was found to be required. Along with salinity reduction, as CSG water contains organic compounds (TOC: 248 mg/L, $C_6-C_9$: <20 mg/L and $C_{10}-C_{36}$: <60 mg/L), compounds with relatively high molecular weights ($C_{10}-C_{36}$) need to be treated first. Therefore, this study suggests a combined system design with filtration (Reverse osmosis) and oxidation reduction (electrolysis) technologies, offering proper operating conditions to produce fit-for-purpose usable water from CSG water.

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