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The heterogeneous network (HetNet) has been one of the key technologies in Long Term Evolution-Advanced (LTE-A) with growing capacity and coverage demands. However, the introduction of femtocells has brought serious co-layer interference and cross-layer interference, which has been a major factor affecting system throughput. It is generally acknowledged that the resource allocation has significant impact on suppressing interference and improving the system performance. In this paper, we propose a hybrid-clustering algorithm based on the $Mat{\acute{e}}rn$ hard-core process (MHP) to restrain two kinds of co-channel interference in the HetNet. As the impracticality of the hexagonal grid model and the homogeneous Poisson point process model whose points distribute completely randomly to establish the system model. The HetNet model based on the MHP is adopted to satisfy the negative correlation distribution of base stations in this paper. Base on the system model, the spectrum sharing problem with restricted spectrum resources is further analyzed. On the basis of location information and the interference relation of base stations, a hybrid clustering method, which takes into accounts the fairness of two types of base stations is firstly proposed. Then, auction mechanism is discussed to achieve the spectrum sharing inside each cluster, avoiding the spectrum resource waste. Through combining the clustering theory and auction mechanism, the proposed novel algorithm can be applied to restrain the cross-layer interference and co-layer interference of HetNet, which has a high density of base stations. Simulation results show that spectral efficiency and system throughput increase to a certain degree.

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