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논문 상세정보


Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to provide logical basis on enlargement of toilet floor space for the disabled by "ACT ON GUARANTEE OF PROMOTION OF CONVENIENCE OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, THE AGED, PREGNANT WOMEN. ETC" Revised Enforcement regulation [Asterisk 1] (2018.2.10.) and to help with making plans, designs and establishing policies by conducting experimental study with the enhanced floor area regulations. Methods: We conduct Experimental study, field work and interview for this paper. In experimental study, verification of the effective floor area was proceeded by measuring activity space for people in manual wheelchair, electric wheel chair and electric scooter and also reviewed useable area with the space expanded 0.2m both width and depth. In filed work, conducted an observation what other things (ex. sanitary equipment, hand rail and so on) can also affect the active space as well as effective floor space. In the interview, other problems and requirements that were not revealed were experimental study and observation of field work. Results : it's expected to provide better access to toilets for the disabled with the law revision of effective floor area. But, with the usage increasement of enlarged wheel chair and electric wheel chair, expanding side areas of toilet is also highly likely to be required going forward. Implications : Additional research is required on locations of exists and internal arrangement that effect the usage of toilet. It should be led to Universal design by making additional investigation and verification of the users patterns.

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