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The numerical investigations have been carried out on deep beam with opening subjected to static monotonic loading to demonstrate the accuracy and effectiveness of the finite element based numerical models. The simulations were carried out through finite element program ABAQUS/CAE and the results thus obtained were validated with the experiments available in literature. Six simply supported beams were modelled with two square openings of 200 and 250 mm sides considered as opening at centre, top and bottom of the beam. In order to define the material behaviour of concrete and reinforcing steel bar the Concrete Damaged Plasticity model and Johnson-Cook material parameters available in literature were employed. The numerical results were compared with the experiments in terms of ultimate failure load, displacement and von-Mises stresses. In addition to that, seventeen beams were simulated under static loading for studying the effect of opening location, size and shape of the opening and depth, span and shear span to depth ratio of the deep beam. In general, the numerical results accurately predicted the pattern of deformation and displacement and found in good agreement with the experiments. It was concluded that the structural response of deep beam was primarily dependent on the degree of interruption of the natural load path. An increase in opening size from 200 to 250 mm size resulted in an average shear strength reduction of 35%. The deep beams having circular openings undergo lesser deflection and thus they are preferable than square openings. An increase in depth from 500 mm to 550 mm resulted in 78% reduced deflection.

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