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논문 상세정보

고속도로 이용자의 승차감 평가특성 및 만족도 분석과 ROC 곡선을 이용한 평탄성 관리기준 적정성 검토

Analysis of Riding Quality Acceptability and Characteristics of Expressway Users and Evaluation of MRI Thresholds using Receiver Operating Characteristic curves


PURPOSES : The purpose of this research is to analyze the characteristics of panels that affect the evaluating results of riding quality and to evaluate the appropriateness of roughness management criteria based on ride comfort satisfaction. METHODS : In order to analyze the influence of panel characteristics of riding quality, 33 panels, consisting of civilians and experts, were selected. Also, considering the roughness distribution of the expressway, 35 sections with MRI ranging from 1.17 m/km to 4.65 m/km were selected. Each panel boarded a passenger car and evaluated the riding quality with grades from 0 to 10, and assessed whether it was satisfied or not. After removing outlier results using a box plot technique, 964 results were analyzed. An ANOVA was conducted to evaluate the effects of panel expertise, age, driving experience, vehicle ownership, and gender on the evaluation results. In addition, by using the receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve, the MRI value, which can most accurately evaluate the satisfaction with riding quality, was derived. Then, the compatibility of MRI was evaluated using AUC as a criterion to assess whether the riding quality was satisfactory. RESULTS : Only the age of the panel participants were found to have an effect on the riding quality satisfaction. It was found that satisfaction with riding quality and MRI are strongly correlated. The satisfaction rate of roughness management criteria on new (MRI 1.6 m/km) and maintenance (MRI 3.0 m/km) expressways were 95% and 53%, respectively. As a result of evaluating the roughness management criteria by using the ROC curve, it was found that the accuracy of satisfaction was the highest at MRI 3.1-3.2 m/km. In addition, the AUC of the MRI was about 0.8, indicating that the MRI was an appropriate index for evaluating the riding quality satisfaction. CONCLUSIONS : Based on the results, the distribution of the panels' age should be considered when panel rating is conducted. From the results of the ROC curve, MRI of 3.0 m/km, which is a criterion of roughness management on maintenance expressways, is considered as appropriate.

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