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압전나노소재 기반의 플렉서블 에너지 하베스팅 소자 연구동향

Recent Progress in Flexible Energy Harvesting Devices based on Piezoelectric Nanomaterials


Recent developments in the field of energy harvesting technology that convert ambient energy resources into electricity enable the use of self-powered energy systems in wearable and portable electronic devices without the need for additional external power sources. In particular, piezoelectric-effect-based flexible energy harvesters have drawn much attention because they can guarantee power generation from ubiquitous mechanical and vibrational movements. In response to demand for sustainable, permanent, and remote use of real-life personal electronics, many research groups have investigated flexible piezoelectric energy harvesters (f-PEHs) that employ nanoscaled piezoelectric materials such as nanowires, nanoparticles, nanofibers, and nanotubes. In those attempts, they have proven the feasibility of energy harvesting from tiny periodic mechanical deformations and energy utilization of f-PEH in commercial electronic devices. This review paper provides a brief overview of f-PEH devices based on piezoelectric nanomaterials and summarizes the development history, output performance, and applications.

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