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논문 상세정보

유한요소법을 이용한 유압브레이커 Cylinder와 Piston의 열-구조 연성해석을 통한 안정성 평가

Assessment of Stability of Stability of Hydraulic Breaker Cylinder and Piston through Thermal-Structural coupled Field Analysis by Finite Element Method


This study proves the causes of cylinder and piston jam by scratches which is the fatal problem of hydraulic breaker through the thermal analysis and thermal-structural coupled field analysis. The trouble from the scratch is a complex problem which can be caused by manufacturing process (this is an internal factor) and the users mistake or contamination in the hydraulic circuit (these are an external factor). Hence, it's not easy to investigate the causes, also hard to prevent the recurrence. In this reason, hydraulic breaker manufacturers are trying to improve the manufacturing process such as machining, heat treatment, grinding, cleaning, also to prevent the contamination in hydraulic circuit and to remove the remains. It's being managed thoroughly by manufacturers. This study shows the effect of the temperature rise by the frictional heat generated when the piston hits the tool on the hydraulic oil while the hydraulic breaker is operating, also the temperature distribution when it starts to affect main components of hydraulic breaker. The stress and the amount of deformation also could be found through thermal-structural coupled field analysis. It proved that the stress and deformation are proportionally increased according to the temperature rise in hit area, and it affects the cylinder and the viscosity of hydraulic oil inside the cylinder when it heats up beyond the certain temperature.

저자의 다른 논문

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