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논문 상세정보

Distribution of phospholipase C isozymes in normal human lung tissue and their immunohistochemical localization


Phospholipase C(PLC) plays a central role in signal transduction and it is important in cellular growth, differentiation and transformation. There are currently ten known mammalian isozymes of PLC identified and cloned. However, there are no report of PLC distribution in human lung tissue or their significances in pulmonary diseases. Presence of various PLC isozymes in normal human lung tissue was studied from surgical specimens. PLC isozymes in tissue extracts of the lung were partially purified by successive chromatographic steps on heparin-sepharose CL-6B conventional and TSKgel heparin-5PW HPLC columns and their activities were assayed. PLC activity peaks identified in the chromatography were immunoblotted with specific antibodies against ten known mammalian PLC isozymes(PLC-beta 1-4, -gamma 1-2, and -delta 1-4). In addition, immunohistochemical staining of the lung tissue was performed to determine subcellular and histological localization of PLC isozymes. The results indicate that normal human lungs contain beta 1, beta 3, gamma 1, and delta 1, isozymes of PLC. The order of amount present in the lung tissue was PLC-delta 1 > gamma 1 > beta 1 >> beta 3, in descending order. On immunohistochemistry, PLC-gamma 1 was most widely distributed and was present in bronchiolar epithelium, in type I and type II pneumocytes as well as in fibroblasts of the interstitial tissue. PLC-delta 1 was present in the cytoplasm of the bronchiolar epithelium whereas PLC-beta 1 was localized to the apical membranous portion of the same epithelium. PLC-beta 3 was seen in the nucleus of the respiratory and alveolar lining epithelium as well as in the nucleus of lung fibroblasts.

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