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BACKGROUND: Acne is usually considered a disorder of adolescence, and a number of studies have examined the prevalence of this condition in the adolescent population. However, prevalence of acnes in patients over the age of 25 years has significantly increased. There are relatively few data on the prevalence of acne in the adult population, especially in Korea. Also, although many researches have been conducted into the etiology of this disease, much substantial myth still abounds with the treatment and cause of this condition. OBJECTIVE: This study was carried out to investigate the prevalence of acne in adult women, and to compare adolescent acne with post-adolescent acne in nurses. METHODS: We analyzed the answers from 504 nurses, who work in the St. Mary's Hospital, to questions about the acne. RESULTS: 1. Prevalence of post-adolescent acne was 36% in nurses of above the age of 25. Their mean age of onset of acne was 17.4 years. 2. The forehead and cheeks were the most common predilection sites in both groups. However, the jaw and perioral area were more common in the post-adolescent group than the adolescent group (p<0.05). 3. Positive family history of acne was more common in the post-adolescent group than the adolescent group (p<0.05). 4. Stress was the most important factor to aggravate acne in both groups. Menstrual cycle was related to aggravation of acne in the majority of nurses. However, both stress and menstrual cycle were more related to the post-adolescent group than the adolescent group (p<0.05). 5. Nurses are occupied medical care. Nevertheless, a considerable percentage of them showed wrong actions and incorrect recognition about the acne. CONCLUSION: Prevalence of post-adolescent acne in nurses was relatively high compared with previous data and most of post-adolescent acne was persistent acne.

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