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논문 상세정보

위암에서 내시경 절제술의 적용과 한계

Indications and limitations of endoscopic mucosal resection in gastric cancer


Endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) has come to play an increasingly important role in treatment of early cancer in gastrointestinal tract. Recent advances in EMR are very remarkable. These allow minimally invasive treatment of diseases that would otherwise require major surgery. The most important factors of EMR are accuracy and safety. Further improvement in both staging and resection technologies, as well as safety and short procedure time will ultimately conspire to make this an even more effective tool in the management of early cancer in gastrointestinal tract. EMR must prove to be safe for the majority of patients when performed by competent endoscopist. The new techniques will continue to solve the limitations of endoscopic treatment and its use will also continue to expand increasingly. Also, further studies are required to refine and standardize EMR. As EMR technology becomes more complex, necessitating the use of multiple accessories simultaneously, technical ease may be enhanced by simple adjunct devices. The future of EMR depends on extending its boundaries safely in a controlled setting of prospective clinical trials. I believe that current EMR techniques and devices are only the beginning of a new age in therapeutic endoscopy, the age of minimal invasive endosurgery, the next frontier.

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