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논문 상세정보

Clinical Study of the Surgical Excision of Subcutaneous Tissue Combined with the Assistant Subcutaneous Shaver Method for treatment of Axillary Osmidrosis and Hyperhidrosis


BACKGROUND: Classical surgical treatment of axillary osmidrosis and hyperhidrosis results in many complications such as scarring, hematoma and necrosis, therefore, gentle skin flap cares is needed. OBJECTIVE: In order to lessen the complications and to obtain an improved clinical outcome, a new easy-learn, surgical excision method of treating subcutaneous tissue is required. METHOD: On 16 patients, We carried out a type-1 surgical method to treat axillary osmidrosis and hyperhidrosis. This invoved major removal of the subcutaneous tissue by scissor excision, and partial removal by the subwtaneous shaver method, to minimise trauma. We then analyzed the clinical efficiency, complications, patient satisfaction, and pathologic specimens according to clinical severity. RESULTS: All 16 patients showed an improved odor or sweating pattern, and a good or very good level of satisfaction. One patient also showed that hematoma was improved with proper post- operative care. Hyperactivity of the apocrine glands in osmidrosis and eccrine gland in hyperhidrosis was seen, and various morphologic features of apoeccrine glands were found in both osmidrosis and hyperhidrosis. We observed that apocrine and eccrine glands were completely excised by following the biopsy of 2 patients. CONCLUSION: Our present method of minimal skin incision and major removal of subcutaneous fat with manual scissor excision, in combination with partial excision with the subcutaneous shaver method, showed a good clinical outcome and few complications.

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