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논문 상세정보

노인을 위한 도시 지원시설에 대한 의식 연구 : 우리나라 40-60대 중·노년층을 중심으로

Study on the Consciousness of Community Facilities for the Elderly : Focused on Middle and Young-old Age People in Korea


The study attempts to find the consciousness of Korean middle and young-old age people's community facilities for older people. The survey includes the consciousness of the elderly housing, the use of public facilities, and the usage pattern of community facilities. The study methods has been used is face-to-face interview with structured questionnaire and the survey throughout Seoul and suburban area of Seoul. Total 393 samples are used for analysis using SPSS/PC program. The results has been discussed emphasizing on the basic issues for the planning the elderly housing, such as image of the elderly housing, the plan to move into elderly housing, move-in age span, the need of the surrounding environment, the size of complex, proper building hight, the elements of priority of choice of the complex, the usage pattern of public facilities. Also, the issue of leisure activity has been discussed concentrating on the issues of generational integration such as age group preference and the activity type for the generational integration. The results of analysis has been made by comparison among age group, sex, and expenditure amount for the leisure activities.

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