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논문 상세정보

북ㆍ미 핵협상과 한ㆍ미 군사동맹관계 전망

Prospect of North Korea-U.5. Nuclear Negotiation and the Korea-U.S. Military Alliance

군사논단 = Military Forum no.54 , 2008년, pp.15 - 47  

This study is aimed at establishing the newly formed Korean government's policy toward the North Korea, and deriving the meaningful implications of the development of the Korea-U.S. relation by analyzing a problem of North Korea-U.S. nuclear negotiation that comes at a time of clashing between the North Korea's nuclear policy and the U.S. denuclearization policy toward the North Korea and the North Korea-U.S. relation that is newly created by the nuclear negotiation, and prospecting the Korea-U.S. military alliance. Although the North Korea asserts that an ostensible justice of possessing nuclear weapons results from the U.S. pressure policy, it has attached to developing nuclear with several internal reasons including an internal control, a menace against South Korea, and a foreign negotiation. The U.S. attempts to prevent the proliferation of North Korea's nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction to keep the security of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia. The efforts of international society related to the nuclear issues have been realized through the UN, the six-party talks, and the bilateral talks between North Korea and U.S. in the last fifteen years, but still don't reach any complete solution. Because it results from a peculiar negotiation strategies and tactics of the North Korea, the characteristics of these should be analyzed. In conclusion, it is difficult to resolve the problem so very soon, as the purpose of the North Korea's nuclear negotiation is a problem of national strategy area to solve an inclusive and fundamental problem such as politics, military, diplomacy, and economy, rather than a means to acquire food or electronic energy. Thus, its characteristics need be analyzed in detail. Additionally, as far as North Korean military intimidations including nuclear weapons would not be removed, the Korea-U.S. military affiance should be needed and new rules being apt for changed security environment should be constructed.

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