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논문 상세정보

中國의 古代史 歪曲과 現實的 對應 - ‘東北工程’을 중심으로

Distortion of Ancient History in China and Response of Actuality - Focusing on the "Dongbei Projection" in China -


Even though historians should listen carefully to the politics, they shouldn"t be swayed by the political or diplomatic influence. They should consider the consequence of their decision which would affect the future, make an objective and rational decision and learn through history the way they shouldn"t take in relation to the neighboring countries. If a historian"s ability to discern fails due to the expansionism led by the government, history study will lose its scientific character and history will be subject to politics, which will bring a national disaster over and over. If China wants the true peace in East Asia, she should show interest in the harmony and coexistence of other East Asian countries; in order to do that, she should refrain herself from speaking and behaving in a nationalistic way and take the lead in forgiving and reconciling each other"s fault. By reminding of a common sense that a bird fly with both wings, we should recognize the fact that we can progress when differences between two are recognized and function as one.

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