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논문 상세정보

韓国人日本語学習者の指示詞コソアの習得研究 - 設問テストの調査結果に基づいて

A Study on how the Japanese major university students in Korea acquire Demonstrative, "ko", "so", and "a"


This aims to study on the acquisition of "ko", "so", and "a", by learning levels, by Japanese major university students in Korea. The result is follows: 1. As raising learning level of "ko", "so", and "a", the ability of its utilization was increased. However, the ability of "so-4" utilization was decreased with reading of learning of learning level. This doesn"t seem to come from negative transformation of native language, but the developmental error for new regulations and the negative attitude from self-centered mind. 2. It is not easy for the students to classify non-deictic demonstrative method, "so" and "a". In particular, to acquire "a" is harder than "so" for them. Therefore, even they are to be high learners, they just can answer correctly in the ratio of 50-60%. This comes from the insufficient understanding of non-deictic demonstrative method such as "a". 3. They can get much more correct answers for deictic demonstrative method than for non-deictic demonstrative method. However, it is different in the case of "so-1", that it is the most difficult to understand among the methods because the grammar regulations of "so-1" are so strange to learners. 4. Because demonstrative of first, second, and third at the degree of difficulty are so different from ones of native language‘s demonstrative system in case of grammar forms, native language‘s demonstrative system affect to acquire "ko", "so", and "a" for learners.

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