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Abstract The Southeast Asian subterranean termite, Heterotermes indicola Wasmann (Blattodea; Rhinotermitidae), is recognized as a building infesting lower termite species in urban environment. The extensive use of chemical termiticides against aerial mud tubes and underground nests of H. indicola beneath the buildings could not suppress its infestation; however, it enhanced the environmental contamination and insecticide resistance. In the present study, we tried to control termites using naturally occurring entomopathogenic fungi Fusarium solani (Mart.) Sacc., along with sublethal concentrations of termiticide fipronil in no-choice feeding pathogenecity bioassay for 20 days. Termite mortality after 20 days of continuous exposure to highest fungal treatment 1 × 109 conidia/mL was 10% exclusively, whereas 100% mortality was calculated just after 16 days of concurrently exposure to 5 ppm of fipronil and highest rate of fungus 1 × 109 conidia/mL. These results indicated that insecticidal stress declined the immune response of termites and reduced the repellency of termites against fungal conidia by breaching the primary defense mechanism (allogrooming). This co-application of F. solani at suitable sublethal concentrations of fipronil showed the promising potential against termites that may reduce the selection pressure of pesticides and resistance risk by targeted pests, but further investigations are necessary for developing field trials. Highlights Fusarium solani being slow acting proved ineffective to Heterotermes indicola. Sublethal doses of fipronil insecticide suppressed the termites' behavior. Combination of Fusarium solani and fipronil were tested on Heterotermes indicola. Synergistic effects were recorded when combinations were applied. These effects showed high mortality and suggested as an effective termite control. Graphical abstract [DISPLAY OMISSION]


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