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Abstract Photographic identification methods are of highly importance when it comes to reduce the animal's stress, pain and possible injuries during or after marking techniques and thus to increase the reliability of demographic parameter estimates. There is plenty of software available for photo-identification, allowing individual identification in capture-mark-recapture (CMR) methods using body patterns, spots and marks unique to each individual. However, these non-invasive methods have hardly ever been used with arthropods. In this study, APHIS (Automated PHoto Identification Suite) has been assessed as a software capable of identifying individuals in different samplings during catch-and-release sessions with dead specimens under laboratory conditions. For this individual identification, SPM (Spot Pattern Matching) and ITM (Image Template Matching) procedures were tested; achieving a success of 100% and 95.35%, respectively. In SPM, the software itself matched the specimens almost automatically in half of the cases. However, it resulted more time-consuming than ITM during the pre-processing of images. On the other hand, ITM saves time during this step and still is able to detect recaptures accurately, yet more time may be needed when selecting the recaptures from the candidate list. Thus, it can be attested that APHIS is a competent and efficient software regarding photo-identification of Rhynchophorus ferrugineus and species with similar and unique individual colour patterns in their pronotum. Highlights PhotoID techniques were applied for individual recognition in a beetle species Two different procedures were used to assess the PhotoID techniques Spot Pattern Matching procedure reached 100% of correct identification Image Template Matching procedure reached 95% of correct identification. Graphical abstract [DISPLAY OMISSION]


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