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Abstract Crop production for human food and nutritional security is largely dependent on pollination process especially by insects. We assessed the role of pollination in connection with micronutrient supply from edible crops to the Korean population. The study included 42 predominant crop types of varying pollinator dependence. A higher pollinator dependency than present global average was noted in connection with all minerals deemed nutritionally important and vitamins. Pollinator-dependent (PD) crops provide a substantial share of micronutrients to the population, especially with regard to vitamins C and E and elements iron. A positive trend was found in the PD supply of all micronutrients over the last 30 years in Korea, but the rate of increment was somewhat lower for vitamins C and K as well as folate. The results demonstrated the importance of pollination for human nutritional security and conservation of insect pollination system for the sustained ecosystem service. Highlights Pollination contributes human micronutrient security through agricultural crop production. Quantification of the micronutrient production from insect pollination was attempted. Insect pollination contributes ap. 25% of mineral and vitamin production in Korea. Contribution of insect pollination for micronutrient production was higher than global average. Justifying the conservation activities for ecosystem service and human well-being. Graphical abstract [DISPLAY OMISSION]


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