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논문 상세정보

석유시추용 인코넬 625강의 FCAW용접에 의한 저온 충격강도에 관한 연구

A Study on Low Temperature Impact Strength of Inconel 625 for Petroleum Application by FCAW Weld


Above all Ni-alloys Inconel 625 is used widely in plate of welding structural materials such as turbine case, a combustor of liner. In general, weldability of Inconel 625 is not well because of poorly liquids of weld metal also it have a broken probability oj the welding crack. In case of FCAW weld process, it is not easy to develope of welding materials, because it is possible only fillet welding at view position of look down except for butt welding. But recently, though it is more used by FCAW process, owing to welding materials worked at the vertical position. the study for FCAW weld of Inconel 625 is actively not yet worked. In this study, the weldability and weld characteristics(mechanical characteristics, corrosive property) of Inconel 625 are considered in FC4W weld associated with the several shielding gases$80\%Ar\;+\;20\%\;CO_2,\;50\%Ar\;+\;50\%\;CO_2,\;100\%\;CO_2$ in viewpoint of welding productivity. The results of impact test are follows; It was evaluated 70J at shielding gase of $100\%\;CO_2$, and obtained about 35J at the other shielding gases. If it was used for parts be required the impact value at the extremely low temperature, it is expected to have the advantage of using the $100\%\;CO_2$ shield gase than the others.

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