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논문 상세정보

고효율, 저가화 태양전지에 적합한 Ni/Cu 금속 전극 간격에 따른 특성 평가

Investigation of the Ni/Cu metal grid space for high-effiency, low cost crystlline silicon solar cells


The front metal contact is one of the most important element influences in efficiency in the silicon solar cell. First of all selective of the material and formation method is important in metal contacts. Commercial solar cells with screen-printed contacts formed by using Ag paste process is simple relatively and mass production is easy. But it suffer from a low fill factor and a high shading loss because of high contact resistance. Besides Ag paste too expensive. because of depends income. This paper applied for Ni/Cu metallization replace for paste of screen printing front metal contact. Low cost Ni and Cu metal contacts have been formed by using electroless plating and electroplating techniques to replace the screen-printed Ag contacts. Ni has been proposed as a suitable silicide for the salicidation process and is expected to replace conventional silicides. Copper is a promising material for the electrical contacts in solar cells in terms of conductivity and cost. In experiments Ni/Cu metal contact applied same grid formation of screen-printed solar cell. And it has variation of different grid spacing. It was verified that the wide spacing of grid finger could increase the series resistance also the narrow spacing of grid finger also implies a grid with a higher density of grid fingers. Through different grid spacing found alteration of efficiency.

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