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특허 상세정보

Portable pouch for insulin

국가/구분 United States(US) Patent 등록
국제특허분류(IPC7판) F25D-003/08   
미국특허분류(USC) 62/372 ; 62/457 ; 150/25
출원번호 US-0246240 (1981-03-23)
발명자 / 주소
  • Campbell June H. (P.O. Box 4162 Foster City CA 94404)
인용정보 피인용 횟수 : 26  인용 특허 : 5

A portable, flexible, refrigerating pouch for carrying and storing insulin needed by diabetics to prevent it from deterioration is disclosed. The pouch comprises an insulating layer and a liner whose structure provides separate compartments for a refrigerating agent, a vial of insulin and a syringe.


A portable, flexible, insulated, cooling, open-mouth pouch especially adapted and sized for (use in) carrying and storing a vial of insulin to prevent deterioration thereof comprising: a pair of opposing walls joined to one another (to form) providing a rounded closed bottom for said pouch, each of said walls including an outer wall, an inner wall and a layer of insulating material distributed substantially evenly therebetween; means for opening and closing said pouch, said means being secured to said pouch in the upper portion thereof around the inner p...

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