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특허 상세정보

Fuel cell stack having a featured interconnect element

국가/구분 United States(US) Patent 등록
국제특허분류(IPC7판) H01M-002/20    H01M-008/24   
미국특허분류(USC) 429/468; 429/507
출원번호 US-0095063 (2005-03-31)
등록번호 US-8197981 (2012-06-12)
발명자 / 주소
출원인 / 주소
대리인 / 주소
    Twomey, Thomas N.
인용정보 피인용 횟수 : 1  인용 특허 : 33

An interconnect element for electrically connecting an anode and a cathode in adjacent fuel cells in a fuel cell stack, wherein said interconnect element has at least one featured surface including dimples, bosses, and/or pins arranged in a two-dimensional pattern. Preferably, both surfaces are featured, as by mechanical dimpling, embossing, or chemical etching, so that protrusions of the interconnect surface extend into either or both of the adjacent gas flow spaces to make electrical contact with the surfaces of the anode and cathode. This permits cond...


1. A method for forming an interconnect element, the interconnect element being used for electrically connecting an anode and a cathode in adjacent fuel cells in a fuel cell stack, wherein the anode and the interconnect element define an anode passageway for reformate to flow therein, the reformate including hydrogen gas, the method including: determining a non-uniform concentration profile of hydrogen gas in reformate across the anode; andforming the interconnect element as a single layer including a plurality of featured surfaces that are variably spac...

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