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특허 상세정보

Container holder having rotatable circular joint

국가/구분 United States(US) Patent 등록
국제특허분류(IPC7판) B65D-025/20    A47G-023/03    B44D-003/14    E04D-015/00   
출원번호 US-0561928 (2009-09-17)
등록번호 US-9079453 (2015-07-14)
발명자 / 주소
출원인 / 주소
대리인 / 주소
    Westberg Law Offices
인용정보 피인용 횟수 : 0  인용 특허 : 53

A container holder includes a base section and a top section. The base section has a base bottom that is configured to rest on a surface. The base section also has a base top which terminates in a circular lip. An area defined by the circular lip is substantially angled with respect to the base bottom. The top section has an opening configured to receive a container and a circular rim for slidably engaging the circular lip of the base section such that the top section is rotatable with respect to base section. A rotatable circular joint is formed between...


1. A container holder comprising: a unitary monolithic bottom section comprising: an annular base having a first diameter and a transverse lower edge;a flared circumferential sidewall;a top surface extending inwardly from the sidewall;a beveled top edge joining the sidewall and the top surface; and,a unitary monolithic top section comprising: an open top having a second diameter less than the first diameter;a cylindrical sidewall;a bottom having an oblique annular bead;an oblique joint formed between the beveled top edge and the oblique annular bead, the...

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