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논문 상세정보

집단미술치료 프로그램이 아동의 학교부적응 행동에 미치는 효과

The Effects of Group Art Therapy on the School Maladjusted Behavior of Children

미술치료연구 v.10 no.3 , 2003년, pp.379 - 407  

This is a case study of art therapy applied on a 7 year old, elementary school boy who used to have nightmares. In the study, it claims that the art therapy helps the child become free from fear and anxiety he has experienced in his nightmares in which ghosts and monsters appear and kill him. This program consists of 14 sessions, each of which takes about 60-80 minutes once a week. In order to prove the effect of art therapy, 3 pretests--LTM; Landscape Montage Technique; PITR(Person-In-The-Rain)--are performed to examine the child’s cognition, stress, desire, and family structure that may have caused his nightmares. After practicing art therapy, the same tests are performed again as post tests. The results show that this case study proves to be very effective for a child who is suffering from nightmares, in a way that the art therapy helps the child not only escape and feel free from nightmares but become himself much interested in art.

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