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논문 상세정보

생활한옥 모형개발을 위한 한옥의 의장요소 선호도 분석

Analysis on the Designing Elements of the Korean Traditional House for developing the Living-Hanok Model

대한건축학회연합논문집 v.11 no.3 , 2009년, pp.99 - 106  
강만호, 정훈, 주석중

The purpose of this study is to promote Korean traditional house(Hanok) supply for simplifying design factors and the method of construction in it. Therefore it is investigated the preferences of design factors on the Hanok that using a questionnaire for the residents who live in Gwang-Ju and Jeon-Nam province until recently and the investigate is to set the scene for the trend of Hanok supply and the procedure of administration on the regulation for constructing Hanok. The conclusions obtained through this study is as follows. First, government's assistance has playing an important role in Hanok supply. the regulation of Hanok supply describe mainly wall and roof which have to set up a exposed and wooden pillar also bricks, yellow earth and so on. Various construction method and researching to set up a construction without using water could promote the rate of Hanok supply.Second, the designing elements of Hanok were defined as internal factors and external factors (stylobate, wall, roof) after that the analysis of primary factor was investigated on designing elements of Hanok as a reference factor what figured out internal decorative elements, roof, stylobate and wooden floor. Especially, the top of preferences is internal designing elements and the window.Finally, Living-Hanok should be built with Korean traditional tiled roof and based on stylobate according to the result of preferences also comprised of various elevation as using the wooed floor actively.

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